A Day Of Hiking The Arches

"Leigh McAdam"

A guest post by Leigh McAdam


I have an ongoing love affair with the red rock country of Utah. One of my favourite spots is Arches National Park, just 5 miles outside the town of Moab, Utah. It offers a landscape of otherworldly red rock formations and over 2000 natural sandstone arches. Fortunately, many are easily accessible on a large number of hiking trails. The question is where do you start hiking with so many possibilities?

Hiking the Arches

I prefer to start at the furthest point and work my way back towards the Visitor Center. That way, you have less distance to drive if you want to return in the evening for a short hike. Two days would allow you to hike all the trails – especially when you consider that 8 of the trails are a mile or less in length.

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Nature’s Super Models In The Four Corners

"Easy Hiker in Sedona Arizona"

We went on a road trip in the USA, doing the Four Corners (AZ, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah). Along the way, we’ve been taking photos as we usually do on our holidays. Looking at the shots we’ve taken, we realised that no matter that we are total amateurs, there were some awesome pictures. Not really thanks to our talent, more because the scenes and the places we’ve visited were so heart-stoppingly beautiful. We could do no wrong in taking shots of these super models.

No matter how you shoot them, the results are great

Nature’s Super Models in the Four Corners

The Mesas Canyonlands Utah


Wouldn’t you agree that these could truly be nature’s

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