Summer Reading for Easy Hikers

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Summer is not only a great time for travelling, but also for reading all those articles you missed – or did not have the time for – earlier in the year. Here is a small selection.

Are you sitting comfortably, in your sun lounge on some foreign beach, or in your favourite chair, in your garden or on your balcony? Good, because here is something travel-related that you can do without any need to get up. All you have to do is lift that proverbial finger, click on the link – and read. Has there ever been a lazier way of entertaining yourself on a hot summer day? (Hey, we are not called Easy Hikers for nothing, you know!)

Generally speaking, there are two types of enjoyable travel writing: there is travel writing that gives you the itch, that makes you fall in love with the

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10 Pictures That Tell Our Hiking Story

Mrs Easy Hiker

Let’s have a hiking photo blog, said Mrs Easy Hiker.

It was only when I had such a hard time finding anything halfway decent in our archive of our easy hiking in Germany that I realized how poor the photographs are that we actually have or, put differently, how few of them are actually good enough to be posted at all.

But these 10 pictures tell our hiking story

This, for example, is our version of the Twelve Apostles, the most famous landmark of the Altmühltal-Panoramaweg in Lower Bavaria. Groovy, eh?

Don’t you wish you had laid off those magic mushrooms!

1. Twelve Apostles Altmuehltal


For years, using our mobile phone cameras by and large, we have snapped away thoughtlessly and incompetently at little details that seemed to be telling and amusing at the time but whose significance has largely

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