How to Spend Two Hours in Piraeus

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… and how to avoid spending your entire Greek island holiday on a ferry boat or waiting for one in the port If you are on your way to the Cyclades, having arrived in Athens by plane and planning to continue by ferry, there is a good chance you will have some time to kill in Piraeus.

“Two hours”, in this case, means: if you are lucky. It can easily be a lot more if you have booked a cheap early morning flight to Athens and a late night ferry.

There is no point beating about the bush: Piraeus is not beautiful, and few visitors would go there if they did not have to. There is little to interest a tourist, certainly not one who is hoping to experience an overture which will put him in the mood for his stay in the fairytale wonderland of

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Three More Easy Walks on Paros

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Got an afternoon to kill and don’t feel like going to the beach? Then here are a few ideas of how to pass your time 1. Agios Panthes

This is not an easy hike at all – as we found out, just in time.

In Paros, most attractive hiking trails start in Lefkes, the island’s highest and most centrally located village. The road to Agios Panthes, the island’s highest mountain, takes off near the parking lot on top of the town.

Somebody had told us – or at least that’s what we understood – that the distance from Lefkes to the peak was about 5 km. After about 3 km, it began to dawn on us that this was not true and that the highest peak, as much as we could see, was a lot further away, so we returned to the car and

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The Byzantine Trail of Paros

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It’s back to the Middle Ages on the road from Lefkes to Prodromos – or is it only back to the 1950s?

Hiking on the Greek islands is overall a very pleasant experience. The blue skies and the blue sea can be counted on to provide an attractive backdrop, and there are always plenty of things to discover.

It’s all the more a pity, however, that not everywhere more efforts are made to exploit this potential. It is not enough to provide the landscapes: you also have to make them accessible.

For this, some form of infrastructure is necessary: you need markers, proper paths and people who clear them of weeds at least once a year. A little bit of public transport would also be nice. Otherwise, even with a hired car, you will find that you are severely restricted.

The Byzantine Trail of Paros

Highest Mountain in Athens

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The journey to the top of Mount Lycabettus may not fill you with awe, but it will teach you a thing or two about modern Greece As I said in our last post: Athens is a bit of a strange town inasmuch as nearly everything you see is either more than 2000 years old or virtually new. After a while, you will want to see something completely different from 1970s residential homes and the ruins of antiquity. A mountain, for example? Well then: here it is.

And this is not any old mountain: Mount Lycabettus is the highest peak in Athens, measuring all of 272 metres from top to toe. Don’t snigger: this IS rather a lot, considering that Lycabettus builds up its height virtually from zero (or sea level).

That is also why it is clearly visible from virtually anywhere in

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Wonder of the Ancient World

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Athens does not do many things, but what it does, it does very, very well The great tourist attractions of the world can be divided into two groups, the foxes and the hedgehogs, representing either destinations that do many things reasonably well or destinations that do only one thing but have mastered this to the point of perfection.

The field of foxes is led by the world’s great metropolises such as Paris and London: they offer a great variety of culture from different periods, great places to eat with both local and international specialties, sports arenas and theatres, outdoor activities and places for walks such as parks, nature reserves and near-by beauty spots. And and and.

Hedgehogs, conversely, generally have only a single claim to fame. They are mainly small or medium-sized provincial towns, think Pisa or even Venice, but also include the odd larger city

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