A Garden With a View in Genoa

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Two Hours in Genoa What to do in Genoa when you have no more than an hour to spend Genoa is the capital of the Italian Riviera, more or less what Nice is on the French side, but with one important distinction: Whereas all visitors of the French Riviera will, sooner or later, get to Nice (to go shopping, to do sight-seeing or simply to change from plane or TGV train to some form of local transport), far fewer holiday guests on the Italian Riviera will ever set foot on Genoa. Genoa is much less of a “tourism traffic hub” than Nice, with much smaller numbers of visitors just “passing through”.

But there is one group of travellers for whom Genoa is a key junction on their itinerary: all people who are coming by train from France and who are on their way to Italy must pass here.

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The French Riviera on Canvas


Artists in the French Riviera Our sadly incomplete collection of picturesque views from Cagnes-sur-Mer Many of the 20th century’s most famous painters spent some time – occasionally the most fruitful years of their lives – on the French Riviera. On good, sunny and clear days, of which there are many, the whole area looks like a painting, and there is practically not a single town along the coast which has not been immortalized in a work of art.

The local and provincial administrations are rightly proud of this fact, and reproductions have been put up in many of the places that inspired great and lesser artists alike, to commemorate the French Riviera on canvas in question as well as the attraction the entire area has always had for artists in search of “southern lights”.

Menton Bay – then and today

These reproductions are scattered throughout

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Smelly Waters and the Spirit of European Unity in Aachen


The day when the Easy Hikers helped European history come full circle When the weather is cold and wet, as it was for the Christmas season in Germany, only the most intrepid dare to defy the elements out on the trails in the countryside. Easy Hikers, meanwhile, retreat to the smallest of outdoors: the city walk, especially in Germany where cities have a charm all of their own at that time of the year, even in the absence of snow.

For us, the festive season provided an opportunity to explore a city which had long been on our list: Aachen, the old capital of Charlemagne, not least because it held out the hope for a welcome contrast with most other historical German cities, which are essentially of (late) medieval origin. (Although, truth be told, most of these German towns were razed to the ground

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What We Hid From You the First Time Around

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A Pictorial Journey through 2014 Our outtakes of the year

Now is the season for all of us to make resolutions for the next year, and this is ours: to provide you with even better, more truthful and more accurate reports from our travels.

This, of course, implies a confession of sorts, and we must come clean: yes, we did not always show you everything there was to see about the destinations that we visited in 2014.

So what discoveries did we make that we decided to keep from you? Here is a small selection presented as a pictorial journey through 2014.

First, there was the man with the biggest leg in the forest …

… and then, there was the Crazy Golf Graveyard of Alassio.

Shocking, isn’t it? So

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A Holiday Reading List of Great Travel Writing

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Aristotle, Train Stations and the Romance of Travel Christmas may not be the best time of the year for hiking, but it is surely perfect for reading about it: so much time on your hands, so few incentives to step out your front door (with either the rain pouring down in buckets or the temperature below freezing) and nothing on TV but the usual repeats (“Ghosts of Christmases Past”). Here then is a small selection of travel, and specifically of hiking journalism, that I have come across during the past year.

Are you already planning your trips for next year – perhaps looking for something to do over the next summer? How about walking all the way from San Francisco to LA? If you think that such a hike would be a total waste of time, you should read this.



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